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Renksan Group Hosts Visit from Governor of Kırklareli and District Governor

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Renksangroup was delighted to welcome esteemed guests to its facility located in Büyükkarıştıran OSB. The visit, graced by the presence of the Governor of Kırklareli, Mr. Birol Ekici, along with his team, and accompanied by the District Governor, Mr. Salih Yüce, was a momentous occasion for the company.

During the visit, Renksangroup had the privilege of engaging in a fruitful conversation with Governor Birol Ekici. The discussions primarily focused on the development and welfare of the company’s employees, as well as the future prospects of the region. Such dialogues are crucial for fostering collaboration between the public and private sectors, aiming to enhance the overall socio-economic landscape.

“We were honored to host Governor Birol Ekici and his esteemed team at our facility. Their visit provided us with an invaluable opportunity to discuss various aspects of our operations and the broader regional development goals,” stated Eng.Ghassan QANDEEL, General Director at Renksangroup.

Governor Ekici’s keen interest in the welfare of employees was evident throughout the conversation, reflecting a shared commitment to prioritize the well-being of the workforce. Renksangroup reaffirmed its dedication to maintaining high standards in employee welfare, acknowledging the pivotal role they play in the company’s success.

As discussions unfolded, both parties exchanged insights and ideas regarding strategies to further bolster the region’s economic growth. Such collaborative efforts between governmental authorities and private enterprises are essential for driving sustainable development and creating a conducive environment for business expansion.

We wish Governor Birol Ekici and his esteemed team continued success in their endeavors. Their visit has further strengthened our resolve to contribute positively to the development of Kırklareli and its surrounding areas.

Renksangroup extends its heartfelt gratitude to Governor Birol Ekici, District Governor Salih Yüce, and their respective teams for gracing the facility with their presence. The company looks forward to continued collaboration and mutual prosperity in the future.

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